Women in Safety

Women in Safety

Join CSSE's Women in Safety member community to connect with like-minded safety professionals and support the inclusion and advancement of women within the safety industry.

This Common Interest Group (CIG) addresses issues specific to female OHSE professionals — helping tackle the specific workplace and industry challenges that women face while trying to advance their careers and gain leadership positions within their profession.

Our diverse and engaged member community promotes the equity and advancement of women in the safety profession. We strive to continuously influence industry to address current and future safety challenges affecting women in the workforce.

The OHSE industry and its leaders should be as diverse as all the different businesses and employees it serves. Workers are more likely to respond to safety initiatives that are started by people to whom they can relate and trust. Having a diverse group of safety professionals helps ensure this. Women have made considerable contributions to the safety profession, and CSSE wants to ensure that there is a place for more female-led initiatives in the future.

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