Certified Health and Safety Consultant (CHSC)

Proven Leadership in OHSE

The Certified Health and Safety Consultant (CHSC) certification recognizes and promotes excellence in professional occupational health and safety consulting.


About CHSC Designation

Instituted in 1994 by the Canadian Society of Safety Engineering, CHSC is the premier certification of leading safety, health and environmental professionals.  The certification recognizes and promotes excellence in professional consulting within and to business and industry and government agencies at all levels. CHSCs provide consultative leadership in workplaces and communities across the nation and around the world.


Six Proven Advantages of a Certified Health and Safety Consultant (CHSC) Professional

  • Education and experience in the profession
  • Demonstrated commitment and specialized training and examination
  • Ethical behaviour supported by a peer-reviewed CHSC Code of Conduct
  • Assurance of protection when acting on professional advice
  • Continuous Professional Growth monitored through an audited CHSC Maintenance Program
  • Independent consultative advice and leadership

Are you ready for to become Certified?

Are you…

  • An internal or external health and safety advisor or consultant
  • Having a minimum of five (5) years (60 months) cumulative work experience within the previous seven (7) years with a minimum of 51% HS related duties
  • Having successfully completed a 1-year OHS or 2-year non-OHS college or university certificate or diploma program
  • A CSSE member. Become a member now!

Get started now!

The process:

  1. Submit your application with supporting documentation
  2. Register for CSSE courses. Spring/Summer catalogue is now open!
  3. Provide Proof of Professional Liability Insurance or company indemnification equivalent after finishing the 6 courses.
  4. CHSC Awarded
  5. Maintain your CHSC by participating in the maintenance program.


After the application has been approved, candidates have six years to complete the full educational program of six courses: 3 mandatory + 3 electives.

Requirement Course How to Apply
Mandatory Legal Obligations and Liability OCT 18 & 19 @ 9:30 AM ET
NOV 21 & 22 @ 11:30 AM ET
Mandatory Applied Risk Communications OCT 05 & 06 @ 9:30 AM ET
NOV 05 & 06 @ 11:30 AM ET
Mandatory Consulting Skills OCT 15 & 16 @ 9:30 AM ET
NOV 16 & 17 @ 11:30 AM ET
Elective Assessing OHSE Training Needs & Options OCT 03 & 04 @ 10 AM ET
Elective Measurement and Evaluation of OHS Performance OCT 29 & 30 @ 9:30 AM ET
Elective Project Management for the Health and Safety Professional OCT 20 & 21 @ 9:30 AM ET
DEC 05 & 06 @ 11:30 AM ET
Elective Essential Value of OHS Management Systems NOV 12 & 13 @ 9:30 AM ET
Elective Essentials of Risk Management for OHSE Practitioners OCT 11 & 12 @ 9:30 AM ET
DEC 12 & 13 @ 11:30 AM ET
Elective Developing Effective OHSE Training Courses OCT 25 & 26 @ 9:30 AM ET

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