29-Oct-2022 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM - Measurement and Evaluation of OHS Performance
30-Oct-2022 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM - Measurement and Evaluation of OHS Performance
P.O. Box 51031 RPO Eglinton Square
Toronto, Ontario M1L 4T2

Measurement & Evaluation of OHS Performance

Course Description

As Occupational Health and Safety initiatives become more sophisticated and emphasize more of a managed systems approach, measurement and evaluation tools must also become more strategic in their intent, use and application.

This two-day course will be of value to all health and safety professionals responsible for the evaluation and ongoing development of high-quality safety initiatives. The course should also appeal to supervisors, labour representatives, consultants, technical experts and joint workplace safety and health committee members. This course highlights key measurement and evaluation techniques that can be used to support the development, implementation and maintenance of today’s OHS intelligence-based processes.

Course participants will be able to:

  • identify the value of measurement and evaluation tools as they apply to today’s health and safety programs and management systems;
  • demonstrate sound use of incident statistics as an indicator of health and safety performance;
  • communicate the Safety by Objectives (SBO) process and set realistic safety-related goals and objectives;
  • develop a Score Card to measure supervisory safety performance;
  • articulate the differences between Health and Safety Programs versus Management System;
  • articulate key strengths and weaknesses of the audit approach and demonstrate its use to improve chances of getting more effective and reliable data;
  • recognize the complexities associated with human behaviour as well as articulate the strengths and weaknesses of the Behaviour-based Sampling (BBS) approach to measurement;
  • speak to the importance of the corporate safety culture as it relates to safety excellence and use a perception survey to assess a relevant health and safety management system.

Course Examination

The course exam is provided to participants by email within five business days of course completion. Participants have 4 weeks from the release date to complete and submit the exam, along with a Statement of Independent Completion. This statement shows that the participant has read and understood the exam instructions, and is submitting an independently completed exam, with any and all collaboration and outside resources are acknowledged therein. This exam deadline is final. Only documented emergencies will be considered by the CSSE, in consultation with the Instructor, as extenuating circumstances for any extension.

Successful completion of CHSC courses requires completion of a CHSC Exam with a minimum 75% standard. Exams require several hours of additional time commitment beyond in-class time for the student to demonstrate mastery of the course expectations. This exam follows a case study analysis format.

Course Credits

  • CSSE has awarded this course 16 CHSC Maintenance Points.