7-Apr-2020 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM - Professional Development Workshop

Supporting and Leading Employees with Mental Health Concerns

This training is designed to provide leaders within a workplace-environment with the necessary information and strategies to build positive mental health for all employees while effectively supporting individual employees with mental health concerns.

Speaker Information:

Julie Allain, Manager of Programs 

Canadian Mental Health Association of New Brunswick

Module Outline:

  1. Exploring the Mental Health Continuum
    • Factors which may influence a person’s risk of developing a mental illness
    • The Mental Health & Mental Illness Continuum
    • Understanding different types of mental illnesses
    • Treatment & Recovery
    • CMHA Community Based Resource Model
    • Stigma & Vulnerability
  2. Mental Health & Illness in the Workplace
    • Understanding the stress response
    • Dynamics of demand/control and effort/reward
    • Workplace mental health and work-life balance
    • Workplace and performance warning signs
    • Disclosure in the workplace
    • Making a difference in your workplace
  3. Practical Strategies for Support & Communication
    • Building mental and emotional wellness in workplace
    • How can an employer help?
    • Steps for assessing an employee’s needs for accommodations
    • Principles and types of accommodations for mental health concerns
    • Effective practices for when an employee returns to work
    • Support/communication strategies
  4. Preventing Crisis, Burnout and Suicide, Understanding Community Resources
    • Introduction to basic crisis management, and understanding crisis development
    • Developing a wellness/crisis action plan
    • Burnout, Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious Trauma
    • Where to go: Understanding community resources
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