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CSSE Leadership Opportunities

Members see value in their CSSE membership in many ways – professional development opportunities, exchange of knowledge, participation at the chapter level, and networking.

In addition, hundreds of members benefit from leadership experiences at the local, area, regional and national levels. The CSSE is the leading professional association for occupational health and safety professionals in Canada because of the strength of its volunteers and their leadership over the last 67 years.

Leadership roles provide members with invaluable and intangible benefits. Volunteering within a leadership capacity will help you to grow personally and professionally as well as strengthen the core of the CSSE.

Interested in Volunteering?

  1. Read through the various leadership and volunteer roles (and responsibilities) at the Chapter and National levels (see below).
  2. Complete the Volunteer Application Form for the committee you are interested in (see below). Additional forms are coming soon; for now, please contact us.
  3. You'll be contacted by CSSE Staff to discuss your options and find the best fit for you!



Education Committee

Please send completed Education Committee forms to [email protected].

Accreditation Working Group

Instructor Liaison Subcommittee

Instructor Search Subcommittee

Standards Subcommittee


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