Strategic Direction


The Canadian Society of Safety Engineering (CSSE) is the leading professional association for health, safety and environmental  practitioners in Canada. CSSE shapes the safety profession in Canada by working collaboratively with its members and partners.  This is done by providing timely and relevant safety information and developing safety professionals. We collaborate with industry, governmental agencies, and other safety organizations to promote a greater awareness of health, safety, and environmental issues across Canada. CSSE is recognized as an objective voice for excellence in safety in workplaces and communities.

CSSE is a national organization, supporting the operation of  local Chapters all across the country (click for more information on Chapters). Chapters provide local forums for information exchange and networking among safety practitioners. Through Chapter meetings and activities, members promote and enhance the profile of the profession in communities throughout Canada.



To be the resource for professional development, knowledge and information exchange to our members, our profession and the Canadian public.


CSSE 2020 Strategic Plan

CSSE's strategic plan helps the Board guide the organization towards the vision and establishes a decision-making framework to help the Board stay on track throughout the planning cycle leading to the year 2020. The plan was built on the 2013 member needs survey, an online engagement with all members in May 2014 and in-depth interviews with key stakeholders. Using this data, the Board outlined six Key Result Areas to guide the organization's resources:


Connecting with Chapters, Members and Prospective Members: CSSE will have a diversity of communication vehicles that meaningfully engage chapters, members and prospective members.


Defining the Profession: CSSE will collaboratively define the safety profession, which has been embraced by safety practitioners, employers and other stakeholders.


Professional Development Innovation: CSSE will provide professional development opportunities that are easily accessible and that are aligned with the competencies of the safety profession.


Being the Voice of the Profession both Nationally and Internationally: CSSE will be a trusted as an objective, "go-to" organization on safety issues.


Research and Information Resource: CSSE will be a valued resource for safety information that is timely and relevant to its members.


Governance, Leadership and Succession: CSSE's governance practices will effectively support the evolving needs of the organization.


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