Post a Career Opportunity

Anyone can take advantage of the CSSE Career Depot to post a job advertisement in the health and safety field and your posting will be available to both CSSE members and the public who are actively engaged in the field.

Job postings are posted within 24 hours of receipt of payment; acceptable forms of payment include: credit card (VISA, MC, AMEX) or cheque (official company purchase order required). Career advertisement contracts are valid for a maximum of six weeks from the date of posting and the listing will remain live on the Career Opportunities page for that time period unless otherwise specified.

Are you a CSSE member or does your organization currently employee a CSSE member? CSSE members and organizations that currently employee members of the CSSE are offered discounted advertising rates for listing job opportunities; for full details including rates, please review the information below.



The base cost for this service is $400.00, plus GST/HST, or a discounted member rate of $350.00, plus GST/HST (includes organizations that employ members of the CSSE).


Add-On Features

Make sure your career opportunity posting stands out!

Career advertisements can include the following optional add-on features (see below for rates):


Company Logo - Make sure your posting is branded with your logo. This optional feature will place your logo directly on the Career Opportunities page next to your posting. Adding your logo to the posting ensures that it stands out from non-branded postings.

Cost - $25.00 per six week posting


Direct Link to Company Website - Make sure interested candidates are only one click away from accessing your website for more information. This optional feature places a direct link to your website on your job posting and ensures that you are never more than one click away from your potential employees.

Cost - $45.00 per six week posting


Priority Placement - Want your posting to be near the top of the list? Make sure to choose the priority placement option and your listing will appear in the priority section above regular job postings.

Cost - $60.00 per six week posting

Organizations that choose the priority placement feature AND list the CSSE's Certified Health and Safety Consultant (CHSC) designation as a required or preferred designation that applicants should possess, will be given priority placement over advertisements that do not include the CHSC designation in their listing.

Companies that hire CHSC holders are making a statement to their community and industry about their level of commitment to occupational health and safety. Obtain more information on the CHSC designation.


To post a career listing please contact Wil deGast