CSSE Awards Of Excellence and NAOSH Awards


The CSSE's Recognition of Excellence awards program provides the opportunity to recognize and celebrate excellence in health and safety, whether it is for a special project, an outstanding achievement or a lifelong commitment to the betterment of the health and safety profession or the CSSE at the chapter, regional and national levels. 

New in 2017:

  • Outstanding Service to CSSE (Volunteer of the Year) Award, introduced to recognize members that have made significant contributions to the CSSE
  • Outstanding Service to the Safety Profession (Safety Professional of the Year) Award
  • “New to the Safety Profession” Award, which was introduced as an opportunity for new safety professionals to be recognized for their professional accomplishments within their Chapters.

Each and every CSSE member knows someone that deserves to be recognized, whether it is a colleague, a friend, a mentor or an individual in the safety community that stands out above the rest. 



Outstanding Service to CSSE (Volunteer of the Year)
The award for Outstanding Service to CSSE (Volunteer of the Year) is presented to CSSE members who demonstrate their volunteer commitment to the CSSE at the chapter, regional and/or national levels. Chapter Chairs submit nominations for the Chapter level; RVPs nominate for the Regional level; the Awards Committee and select Board members nominate for the National level. 

*This award does not include nominations from members and winners are not cascaded from the chapter to the national level. Chapter Chairs and RVPs will be sent a direct link to this survey.

Outstanding Service to the Safety Profession (Safety Professional of the Year)
 Sponsored by: Cintas Canada
The award for Outstanding Service to the Safety Profession (Safety Professional of the Year) is given to CSSE members whose careers have been distinguished by a sustained commitment to excellence in the field of occupational health and safety. Nominees for the Safety Professional of the Year will be considered from applicants who receive the Regional Outstanding Service Award.


Outstanding Achievement by a Group or Individual
Presented to a professional or group, for outstanding achievement. This could be the development of a service, a training course, a tool, or an event that advances the science or the profession. Nominations are open to the CSSE membership.

Special Project
Presented for a "one-time" special project that advances the profession, provides research and development opportunities, or promotes health & safety to the OH&S community, Employers and / or the community at large. These are awarded at the level (Chapter, Regional or National) according to the sphere of influence of the special project. Nominations are open to the CSSE membership.

New to the Safety Profession
Applicants may nominate themselves for this award or be nominated by a peer or colleague. To be eligible for the New to the Safety Profession Award the following criteria must be met by applicant:

  • Must have a minimum of 2 years but under 5 years of safety work experience
  • Must be a CSSE member in good standing
  • Must have volunteered at the chapter level within CSSE, as well as outside of CSSE, i.e. workplace, local groups

If not a self-nomination, the person submitting the nomination is advised to work with the nominee, to ensure that all the required documentation (see Guideline Document) is emailed to awards@csse.org.

How to Nominate 

Nominate a deserving CSSE member through the online nomination process. Only online nominations will be accepted (with the exception of additional information required for the New to the Safety Profession Award).

You may wish to view our guideline prior to proceeding with your nomination, as it outlines all the information required for the submission.

Nominations can be made through the following links. Simply click on the name of the award for which you would like to nominate someone:

NOTE: A link for the Outstanding Service to CSSE (Volunteer of the Year) Award will be provided directly to Chapter Chairs and RVPs.

Deadlines - Nominations close April 30, 2017.

Should you have any questions, please contact Renzo Pella at awards@csse.org or 416-646-1600, ext 10.





Celebrate your commitment and experience of NAOSH Week 2017 with a NAOSH Week Award!

Four awards are presented nationally to deserving nominees in four categories:

  • Best New Entry
  • Most Innovative
  • Best Representation of Theme
  • Best Overall

Submission deadline is Friday, June 16, 2017.

Nominations will be accepted online at surveymonkey.com/r/2017NAOSHWeek

Thanks to the NAOSH Week Motivational Champions for their support of the annual CSSE NAOSH Week Awards!