Career/Courses FAQ

Course Details

I am registered to take an in-class course. Where do I find out where a course is going to be held?


Course details and location information are e-mailed to all registered participants approximately 10 days, or earlier, prior to the start date of the course. If you are unsure whether or not you are registered, please contact the Course Coordinator immediately at 416-646-1600.

Online Course Access

I registered online for an online course. When and how do I get my password to access the course?


I registered online for an online course. When and how do I get my password to access the course?

Transferable Registrations

Are course registrations transferable?


Course registrations are transferable. Please do not send a replacement without first contacting the CSSE Office at 416-646-1600.

Cancellation Policy

What is your cancellation policy?


Registration fees for in-class courses  are fully refundable if written notice is received by the CSSE Office a minimum of two weeks before the course. If notice is received less than two weeks before the course, 50% of the registration fee will be refunded. Those who are "no-shows" at the course will receive no refund. Registrations can be transferred at any time.

In House Courses

I want a CSSE course to come to my city or organization. How do I proceed?


If you’re interested in the possibility of having a CSSE course come to your area or business, please review the following documents.

In-House Course Option Presentation

In-House Course Option Overview

Sample In-House Course Agreement

CHSC versus CRSP Designation

What is the CHSC designation and how does it differ from the CRSP designation?


The Certified Health and Safety Consultant (CHSC) designation is administered through the CSSE and recognizes and promotes leadership excellence in professional consulting in the area of occupational health and safety. CHSC designation holders have successfully completed additional specialized training on law, ethics, the consulting process, project management, measurement and evaluation, and applied risk communication.

CHSC designation holders are CSSE members who have passed mandatory examinations, hold professional liability protection, and maintain their designation by participating in the Society’s CHSC Maintenance Program to keep them leaders in the field. CHSCs abide by a CHSC Code of Conduct.

To begin the process of earning the designation, the CSSE member must currently be an internal or external health and safety consultant and have a minimum of five years work experience in occupational health and safety and possess minimum prior academic and professional qualifications. Obtain more information about the CHSC here.

The CRSP designation is administered by the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP). A CRSP applies broad based technical safety knowledge to develop systems that will achieve optimum control over hazards and exposures detrimental to people, equipment, material and the environment. A CRSP is dedicated to the principles of loss control, accident prevention and environmental protection as demonstrated by his or her daily activities.

The BCRSP conducts a mandatory CRSP Exam and CRSP holders must also be involved in a mandatory maintenance program. For more information, visit the BCRSP website.

CHSC or CRSP Designation First

Which designation should I get first, CHSC or CRSP?


The individual health and safety professional must determine for himself or herself which of the two designations best fits his or her current experiences in health and safety and best meets personal professional development objectives at the time.

An individual holding the CRSP designation demonstrates many of the prerequisites for entering the CHSC program.

Many individuals have earned both designations. You will see both designations as ‘expected’ or ‘preferred’ by potential employers depending on the particular expertise or the health and safety role an employer hopes to fill.

CHSC Course Requirements

Do I have to take all 6 CHSC courses to obtain the CHSC designation? May I be exempt from taking a course if I demonstrate equivalency? May I write the CHSC exam without taking the course?


Candidates must successfully complete six CHSC courses in total (including successfully passing the course examinations) comprising three mandatory  courses (Obligations and Liabilities of the OH&S Professional, Consulting Skills for the OH&S Professional and Applied Risk Communication for the OH&S Professional) and three elective courses from the CHSC education offerings (currently Project Management for the Health & Safety Professional, Measurement & Evaluation in OHS Managed Systems, Essentials of Risk Management, Assessing OHSE Training Needs and Options and Developing OHSE Training Courses). No equivalency is granted at this time. In other words, no substitutions may be made in lieu of taking any of the six required CHSC courses. At this time CSSE does not allow candidates to write a CHSC Exam without having participated in the applicable course

Course Prerequisites

Is there a particular order to take CHSC courses? Do any courses have prerequisites?


The CHSC courses may be taken in any order. However, the Education Steering Committee strongly advises taking the Applied Risk Communication course after having successfully completed the other core courses. 

Completion Time for Courses

How quickly do I have to complete the required courses for the CHSC designation?


Candidates are expected to undertake the first CHSC course within one year after being accepted into the program. Candidates may complete the six courses as quickly as they can manage, but are expected to have completed the six courses within a total of six years after being accepted into the program.

Passing Course Exams

What happens if I don't pass a course? Am I ineligible to continue in the CHSC program if I don't pass a course exam?


CSSE requires that all CHSC candidates pass the final Exam in each course to successfully complete the course. The pass grade is 75%. Exams with scores 70% - 74% may be appealed, in writing, if accompanied with the appropriate administrative fee.

Course in which candidates have failed an Exam may be re-taken at one-half the normal registration fee. An Exam may not be challenged a second time without re-taking the course again and a course may be undertaken no more than three times in total.

After any unsuccessful appeals and if the candidate has not successfully passed a course after all re-taking options, the individual must withdraw from the CHSC program.

Member Area Password

I've forgotten my password to the member only area. How can I retrieve it?


If you've forgotten your password to the CSSE website, please use the "I forget - remind me!" link found on the CSSE login page. You must enter the email address on file with the CSSE. If you are still having difficulty, please call the CSSE Office at 416-646-1600, or Contact Us (please select "Membership Information" as your subject on the Contact Us form); a staff member will be happy to provide you with your user information.

Website Career Depot

Can I post my resume on your website?


The resume posting service is currently available on the home page of the CSSE web site. Resumes are listed on the Positions Wanted page of the Career Depot. If you would like to have your resume posted, please submit it using the online form.

Job Advertisement

Can I post a health and safety job advertisement on your website?


Yes. The Career Opportunities page is one of the most popular pages on the CSSE website. For detailed information on how you can promote your job advertisement on our busy job board, please visit the CSSE Career Depot.