McAleenan Brothers

PDC Workshop Spotlight: “A Worker-led, Management-Model of Dynamic Workplace Culture”

PDC Workshop Feature:

Tuesday, September 20th

10:30 am – 11:45 am

Concurrent Session 4A

Dr. Ciaran McAleenan and Dr. Phillip McAleenan, Partners with Expert Ease International in the UK, are back by popular demand!  Don’t miss their workshop, A Worker-led, Management-driven Model of Dynamic Workplace Culture.  Learn more from the session description, below:

The dominant perceptions of safety culture are ones that are narrowly defined and functional, requiring intervention from and oversight by a management leadership to ensure that there are agreed ways of working safely and that these are carried out by all workers. Developed from years of research by the presenters, this alternative view posits culture, in its widest sense, as the concrete manifestations of the interconnections between Man and his environment and in which safety culture dissolves into workplace culture which itself dissolves into culture per se. In the cultural theory of conscientização, the extrinsic relationship between the worker and the requirements of work is one of alienation. However in the process of becoming aware of this relationship, the potential for developing an explicit function of work that is concerned with bringing about transformation and humanization emerges. This presentation offers a model of workplace culture that recognizes its dynamic nature and elevates safety culture from a model about simple behaviours to one wherein individual (worker) and collective (team and organization) agency continuously reinterpret and reshape the work environment to meet the competing needs of all stakeholders in a safe, healthy and sustainable manner.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

• Identify the interrelationships between worker and environment in the context of culture.

• Interpret observed workplace phenomena holistically.

• Contribute to organization sustainability through performative OSH awareness sessions.